Strip It has teams of Strippers located both North & South of the River and can attend to you promptly no matter what area your in!

What Can We Remove?

  • Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles
  • Vinyls Floor & Wall Coverings
  • All Types of Carpets
  • Marble & Stone Tiles and Bench Tops
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Slate Tiles 
  • Timber Flooring
  • Cork Floor Coverings 
  • Pool & Mosaic Tiles

Experts in:

  • Removing All Tile Types & Floor Coverings 
  • Removing All Wall Coverings
  • Internal Residential Demolition
  • Internal Commercial Demolition 
  • Internal Industrial Demolition
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Demolition 
  • Renovation Preparation
  • Removal of Walls & Ceiling
  • Application Specific Preparation

At Strip It we pride ourselves on delivering a Fast, Efficient & Clean Service.

With over 99% residential jobs completed within one day, we aim to minimise any disruption to you and your family. By ensuring each task is completed in the agreed upon time frame, you can rest assured that your next trades will be able to start on schedule.

Do we sacrifice quality to ensure we are the fastest in Perth? 

Absolutely Not. Our mission is to prepare the area for the next trade, in a quick and timely manor. To do this we make sure we have the best tools and staff for the task at hand and that we leave the area ready for the next trade to start.


Why Strip It is the right choice for your next renovation?

Experience Counts

At Strip It we have seen it all. Which is to be expected when you have over 50 years of combined knowledge within our leadership team alone. Rest assured that you are dealing with the internal demolition experts. Our staff are friendly, approachable and respectful. If you have a question, please don’t be afraid to ask it, our experience can save your time and money.

The Right Tools for the Job…
We refuse to cut corners, because of this we have invested in our tooling. Strip It has designed and fabricated proprietary tools to ensure the highest level of workmanship is achieved on each and every task, it just so happens that those same tools speed up the process and save our clients time.  

Preparation Experts
Our mission is to leave the area in the perfect condition for the next trade, thus minimising down time for you and your family. The Strip It team know how each trade requires the area to be left and we go about ensuring that their hand over is as smooth as possible. The only thing our clients need to do, is to let us know what is going where and we take care of the rest.